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Social Innovation Progress Report

This, our inaugural Social Innovation Report, is a means of highlighting the exciting progress made from 2021-2022 and the path forward in achieving our 3-year strategic goals around Social Innovation. These include imbuing students, staff and parents with a social innovation mindset, developing a world class K-12 social innovation program at Daystar, supporting the development of youth social innovators in China through the Qi Social Innovation Center, and demonstrating that we are a sector leader through our commitment to positive social change.

Being the first school in China to develop a bespoke Social Innovation Program, Daystar is charting a new path, building upon its strong foundation in character education. This report highlights our progress with photos, statistics, quotes from students and staff, and an acknowledgement of all those who have been part of the process.

While we recognize we are still at the beginning of this journey, we are excited to share our progress, and to inspire more schools and collaborator organizations to join us on this path. Together we can use our knowledge, skills and talents to innovate for the good of society! We hope you enjoy reading our first Social Innovation Progress Report. Feel free to get in touch with us at:

Click to read Social Innovation Progress Report 2021-2022.