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Social Innovation Program

China’s First School-based Social Innovation Program

Daystar Academy is the first school in China to develop a bespoke Social Innovation Program cultivating students to be social innovators: who take action to solve social and environmental problems in the community. Through international research and best practices, Daystar has designed a multi-pronged program encompassing curriculum learning, enrichment programs and real-world learning experiences to help students deeply explore challenges in the wider community, while developing the skills and courage to take meaningful action to address these. With a focus on documenting the process and sharing learning insights, students inspire and engage others to help illuminate the world through social innovation.

Social Innovation Framework

Research reveals that the complex social and environmental challenges our world is facing cannot be solved without a generation of social innovators. At Daystar Academy we have made this our mission through our Social Innovation Program. From Kindergarten to Grade 12 we cultivate students’ empathy, curiosity, and motivation to identify challenges within our school, community, and the world, and thoughtfully investigate these complex challenges, creating innovative solutions that affect positive change.



Our students learn to be social innovators and illuminate the world by developing social innovation competencies within the 3 domains of: Being, Connecting and Innovating. These competencies are developed naturally by engaging in our unique Social Innovation programs which include: Projects for Change, Community Connection Experiences, Week For Change, our regular Social Innovation Markets and Phoenix Forums, the Inno-Imagine Grants Program, and our Social Innovation Course. As a nimble organization we are continually prototyping new and exciting SI programs for K-12.


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"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

-Maya Angelou