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Venture for All® Program

Are you interested in taking your knowledge and skills to the next level? As you focus on the next steps of your education or first career, do you want to stand out as an innovator and leader? If your answers to these questions are ‘yes’, then the Columbia Business School’s Venture for All® (VFA) program will meet your needs.

Columbia Business School’s Venture for All® program is a global initiative for talented students and professionals who seek to develop the entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed in the classroom or business world. Their student programs are designed to build on your existing strengths to solve important problems through entrepreneurial thinking and action. Each class blends contemporary theory and practice in areas of design, entrepreneurship, innovation, and team leadership. In a collaborative setting with peers, students will work on real problems, and be guided through the steps necessary to create, develop, and launch innovative programs, products, and ventures.

Throughout the interactive learning experience, students will enhance their capacity to successfully apply entrepreneurial thinking and leadership principles, helping them stand out from the crowd as they innovate and lead in any academic or professional environment.

Students taking this program will have the opportunity to join the VFA Club, a joint effort between Columbia Business School and IEG Global Association. Columbia Business School’s Venture for All® is the supervising party for VFA Club, and provides professional guidance and various resources for its members. IEG Global Association is responsible for all administrative work and club activities.

Students who participate in this program can also participate in the Model Entrepreneur® (ME®) competition, a global competition hosted by Columbia Business School's Venture for All®. This competition encourages young talent to turn creative thought into action by sharing innovative ideas with business feasibility. Unlike other business competitions, ME® participants receive guidance and feedback on their business models from Columbia Business School and VFA Clubs across the globe. Participants will also receive various amounts of scholarships to attend official programs at Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Caltech, Berkley, and Pratt, to further enhance their entrepreneurship skills.


Please click here to learn more about the Venture for All® Program.

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