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High Resolves ™

Daystar Academy have partnered with High Resolves, the leader in the design and delivery of immersive learning experiences in citizenship education. High Resolves mission is strongly aligned with Daystar Academy. We are working with High Resolves to implement a program to support the development of 21st century competencies for our students in grades 6-9. The High Resolves program gives the context to the Daystar Academy Projects for Change. Daystar Academy are the only school in China to be implementing its progressive curriculum. We are going beyond using the curriculum and are a key partner in helping High Resolves understand and develop their curriculum in a Chinese context.

The increasingly complex challenges of our world require a generation of young people who have the passion, skills and confidence to accomplish what previous generations have failed to do: acting in the long-term collective interest of humanity. We can be as systematic about this kind of citizenship education as we are about core subjects like math and science. And given the current challenges facing humanity and the world, we have no choice but to do just that.

We have designed an award-winning system for building mastery of the core competencies of citizenship – like independent thinking, inclusive leadership, social advocacy and effective collaboration. Rote lectures are not effective in this domain. Our approach, based on learning science, shows that sustained personal transformations must begin with peak experiences that shift a young person’s thoughts and feelings about themselves and the world around them. The High Resolves curriculum hardwires these shifts into long-term memory through repeated practice and project-based application in the real world.

Daystar Academy student's address and resolve to make change in the following core areas:

Identity and Purpose

Students explore the societal influences on how we understand and categorize ourselves and others, and how this impacts our interactions, particularly with those who are different from us. They develop the ability to recognize when messages are divisive and understand that they have a choice in how they respond to difference.

Just Society

Students understand that the distribution of resources is unfair and become aware that many of the world's population currently have access to less than what they consider to be fair. They reflect on some of the causes of this inequality and the link between power and access. Students recognize that while both charity and justice are important responses to injustice, for liberation to occur we need actions that reflect justice. Students feel empowered to respond to injustice with positive actions that help engage others in creating a more equitable society.

Social Progress

Students explore the challenges in addressing collective action problems. They understand the need to balance self/collective and short/long term interests along with the importance of mobilizing others to do the same. They recognize that inclusive leadership means creating solidarity - not division - to bring about social progress such as to tackle complex issues such as the climate emergency.

Better Self

Students examine how all actions have an impact and how this influences our ability to collaborate effectively, solve problems, and create a positive legacy. They understand the need to integrate different perspectives and strengthen their interpersonal skills. They understand that their development as citizens is on-going and utilize a framework to measure the impact of their actions.


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