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Gifted and Talented Program

Students whose abilities and potential for accomplishment are so outstanding that they require additional enrichment services to meet their educational needs are served at all levels through the Focus on Excellence Program. The resource teaching faculty, as well as gifted service programs, are commonly referred to as Focus. The Focus teacher at each school provides services and resources to students, families, and general education classroom teachers to meet the instructional needs of students receiving gifted education program. Therefore, the foundation of Daystar Academy’s Focus on Excellence Program provides opportunities for our gifted and talented students to interact with their intellectual peers and participate in internal and external educational experiences with higher levels of depth and rigor. 

To promote the development of gifted students, we:

·      Foster the development of growth mindset

·      Differentiate instruction by providing depth, complexity, and acceleration of learning

·      Collaborate with teachers, parents, and students to meet students’ academic and affective needs

·      Pace instruction by appropriately and flexibly altering the rate of teaching, learning, and thinking

·      Provide for specialized educational experiences


Identification of gifted and talented students for enrichment includes the evaluation of:

·      Ability Tests

·      Achievement Tests

·      Student Work Samples

·      Parent Survey

·      Teacher Observation

·      Student Observation/Interview

The Referral Process

Students may be identified in grades 3-12 when they are found to be significantly above grade level in verbal/reading skills and in logical/mathematical reasoning skills. A child may also be referred for identification by a teacher/or a parent.

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