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Experiential Learning- Week Without Walls

For approximately 3-5 days each academic year, students in Secondary School engage with their learning outside of the walls of the traditional classroom. Daystar Academy students apply curriculum links to real world contexts and reflect on these experiences when they return to school. Each trip has clear objectives and learning aims which are developed along with ensuring opportunities for teamwork, cooperation and personal development and increasing their appreciation for the world in which they inhabit.

There exists a wealth of academic documentation that champions the importance of learning in context: learning by doing rather than observing.  The Week Without Walls program provides students with these contexts.  As a result students:

• See the application of academic learning and personal or social skills to real life

• Bring real benefits to themselves and/or others

• Understand their own capacity to make a difference

• Make decisions that have real, not hypothetical, results

• Develop skills to solve problems

• Develop a sense of responsibility and accountability for their actions.

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