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Daystar Internship Program

The Social Entrepreneurship Program (SEP) at Daystar Academy is committed to developing students’ minds as they become agents of change on the global stage. The Daystar Internship Program is an integral part of the Social Entrepreneurship stream by providing students with an opportunity to apply acquired skills and knowledge from the SEP in a real-world environment. Students will learn to excel in complex corporate environments and understand how to inspire social change through innovative leadership practices.

The Internship Program offers grades 11 and 12 students the opportunity to work side-by-side with experts in various corporations in China. Daystar partners with an ever-developing list of businesses and local organizations to provide our students with a variety of internship opportunities, preparing them for top universities and cultivating the skills necessary to positively impact the world.

Our college counseling program assists students with locating an internship that best suits their learning needs and future aspirations. Our internship partners, in conjunction with our college counselor, work together to tailor an intern work schedule specific to the learning goals of the SEP. Students are assigned a leadership mentor within the corporate internship setting, giving personalized instruction and guidance to navigate the complexities of social entrepreneurship in a business setting. The leadership mentor and college counselling staff collaborate to develop an individualized task-based pathway to achieve the following outcomes:


Internship Program Outcomes

Ø  Apply social entrepreneurship concepts and theories to complete internship-assigned tasks

Ø  Increase proficiency in social entrepreneurship competencies such as operations, leadership, marketing, business law, and innovation and change through practical day-to-day application

Ø  Foster effective communication skills in a collaborative setting

Ø  Observe and participate in decision-making processes

Ø  Produce effective plans and proposals

Ø  Develop the work ethic and commitment to navigate the complexities of social entrepreneurship


Culminating Project

Students will complete a final culminating project at the end of their internship program synthesizing their academic learning from the SEP and Internship. They will then present their project to a panel determined by the leadership mentor for final evaluation and feedback. These projects may represent one of the following options or students may work with their leadership mentors to develop a product representative of their learning.

Ø  Business Proposal 

Ø  Marketing Proposal

Ø  Media Campaign

Ø  Training Module

Ø  Market Research


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