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Daystar Phoenix Athletic Program

The purpose of Daystar Academy Athletics is to provide opportunities for participating students to learn the skills and life-long values in a safe sporting environment.

These values include: Cooperation, Sportsmanship, Pride, Respect and Leadership Skills. The athletes, coaches and parents of the Daystar Academy Athletic Department believe:

1.    That student-athletes will have opportunities to develop leadership characteristics through athletic competition that carry into the classroom and the future.

2.    That student-athletes serve as role models within the school community and are expected to act in a manner that reinforces that role.

3.    That self-discipline and sportsmanship are essential to a sound athletic foundation.

4.    That pride builds respect, of self and others which help create strong and lasting friendships through athletic competition.

5.    That participation in athletics is not a right but a privilege; with that privilege, comes responsibility.

6.    That a strong commitment is an important ingredient to the success of Daystar Academy Athletics.

7.    That athletics should be fun as well as providing learning experiences.

The Daystar Academy Athletic Department strives to provide:

1.    Adequate equipment and facilities;

2.    Educated and experienced coaches;

3.    Appropriate competitions with certified officials;

4.    Support to athletes, coaches and parents.

Daystar Academy aims to field competitive teams in the following key sports each academic year in the following age ranges Under 8, Under 12, Under 16, Under 18:

-       Baseball

-       Basketball

-       Soccer

-       Volleyball

-       Tennis

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