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Student Agency

Providing real opportunities for our students to strive and thrive, and be contributing members of our school community is a key part of Daystar Academy’s ethos. In elementary school, we are offering two wonderful opportunities for our students to be involved through our Student Ambassador and Student Councilprograms.

All secondary students can volunteer to be a member of the Student Ambassador program. They are selected based on their embodiment of Daystar’s core values of: unity, respect, service, caring and excellence. Their roles are to support school events such as Open Houses, and help any guests and parents feel comfortable and answer any questions they may have.

Student Council members are representatives from each secondary grade (currently grade 6-9). Their role is to be the voice of the student body and organize some key student events. Most recently, they organized the secondary school Chinese New Year celebration, which involved a Chinese New Year Celebration Performance, and team game competition to great success.


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