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Daystar Academy's athletics program helps students practice cooperation, sportsmanship, pride, respect and leadership skills in meaningful and lasting ways.

We support students' athletic development with

●      Quality facilities and equipment

●      Educated, experienced coaches

●      Spirited, collegial competitions with certified officials

●      Support to athletes, coaches, and parents

Daystar Academy offers multiple team sports for secondary students, teaching athletic skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship, including:

●      Swimming- Liu Jing Swim Club

●      Baseball- All Star Baseball

●      Soccer- Daystar Staff

●      Volleyball- Vigour Volleyball Club

●      Basketball- Super Nahtral Sports

●      Tennis- Daystar Staff

●      Badminton- Dong Jiong Badminton Club


Daystar Academy teams participate in BASE–Beijing Area Sports Exchange, which focuses on ‘empowerment  through sports’ with the following  principles:

●      Let the Players Play

●      Let the Coaches Coach

●      Let the Officials Officiate

●      Let the Spectators Be Positive!  


●      Saint Paul American School

●      Smic Private School

●      Keystone Academy

●      Beanstalk International Bilingual School

●      Haileybury International School Tianjin

●      Hope International School 

●      Beijing National Day School

●      Beijing Huijia Private School

●      Daystar Academy

●      Beijing Royal School

●      Tsinghua University High School International- Chaoyang

●      Kaiwen Academy Chaoyang

●      Kaiwen Academy Haidian

●      Springboard International Bilingual School

Regular, friendly competitions are held throughout the school year and provide wonderful opportunities for our students to interact with their peers and represent Daystar with pride.

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