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Strategic Partnerships

Stanford University - Pre-Collegiate International Institute

Thanks to the consistently high quality of our students, Daystar Academy is the only school in China authorized to select its own candidates for Stanford University's Pre-Collegiate International Institute.  These students undergo a rigorous internal selection process that allows them to bypass Stanford's normal application.

Students who attend the Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institute will be challenged intellectually and will develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. They'll be taught by expert instructors and experience an American college experience while building lasting connections and tackling an academic, multinational, team-based Global Solutions Project.

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Daystar Academy has partnered with High Resolves to deliver leading-quality immersive learning experiences in citizenship education, and is the only school in China to implement this progressive curriculum. 

The increasingly complex challenges of our world require a generation of young people with the passion, skills, and confidence to embrace complex and nuanced problems.  To prepare them, we have developed an award-winning system for building mastery of the core competencies of citizenship – independent thinking, inclusive leadership, social advocacy, and effective collaboration. 

Learning science shows that sustained personal transformations begin with peak experiences that shape a young person's thoughts and feelings about themselves and the world around them. The High Resolves curriculum hardwires these shifts into long-term memory through repeated practice and project-based application in the real world.


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