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Daystar Academy's IB Middle Years Program is delivered through both English and Chinese–even though the majority of course content is taught in English, students continue developing proficiency in Chinese in history, economics, language arts, social studies, and geography. In this way, students build mastery in reading, writing, speaking, and listening at levels that allow them to be lifelong learners of Chinese   while building English fluency in preparation for university abroad. 

Interdisciplinary teaching challenges students to think critically and draw connections between subjects, fostering a holistic approach to intellectual development.








Students are introduced to the multifaceted nature of global issues and apply their thinking to real-world problems. They are then challenged not only to think about the wider world, but to go out and do something about it through service-based learning experiences.  In addition to Daystar's emphasis on engaged scholarship,  the IB Community and Personal Projects provide specific frameworks  for student service.

Daystar's secondary school curriculum is grounded in foreign and Chinese standards, and uses the structure of the IB MYP.  Students embrace the challenges of responsible digital citizenship as part of  the technology curriculum with our 1-1 bring your own device policy. 


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