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Teaching at Daystar

At Daystar Academy we seek passionate, dedicated, and inspiring individuals who are culturally sensitive and eager to guide students in their educational journey. 

Inside and outside the classrooms, we are all 'teachers,' and work in partnership to support our students and each other as lifelong learners.

The Five Attributes we seek in our educators are: 

●      Flexibility:  The ability to accept changes based on students' needs. 

●      Capacity:  The ability and willingness to learn Daystar Academy's systems.  

●      Collaboration:  The ability to contribute and thrive as a team player, across all grade levels and departments.  

●      Equity:  The willingness to address the individual needs of EVERY student regardless of their variables.  

●      Gritty Unselfishness:   Perseverance and passion for contributing to long- term team goals which will result in growth for ALL, not just the students in one's own class, group, or grade level.  

Our Community

Making sure the school is the right fit for you is a professional and personal decision.  At Daystar, we are a close-knit and supportive community. The school makes it a point to mark Teacher's Day, International Women's Day, and other occasions for all staff.

Another marquis celebration at Daystar Academy are the annual Staff Appreciation Events at our Beigao and Sanlitun campuses, hosted by our parents for all staff, from our custodians to our Head of Schools. The home-cooked meals, beautiful decorations, personal messages from students, and special gifts all reflect the love and appreciation our parents have for the entire school. 

If this sounds like the kind of environment where you'll thrive and  excel, please consider joining our team!


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