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Professional Development

All teaching staff are enrolled in an online IB workshop, Making the PYP Happen or an MYP discipline-specific workshop based on teaching assignment.

Our IB Coordinators also serve as instructional coaches and engage with teachers during weekly collaborative planning sessions as well as one-on-one coaching sessions.

Required campus PD is driven by our TLI department and instructional coach follow-ups, reinforcement, and supports.  Individual and weekly campus trainings allow teachers a chance to process, refine, and deepen their understanding. 

During weekly PD opportunities, topics are selected by the instructional coach and campus administrator based on what teachers and students need. These topics align to the annual professional development focus set at the beginning of the year. Additionally, teachers select trainings that align to their personal instructional goals; these sessions range from IB-developed sessions to 21st-century learning skills to content-specific sessions.

Teachers also have access to an instructional coach that works to coach teachers through meeting their individual instructional goals through coaching cycles. In each coaching cycle, the teacher selects an area of focus and the coach and teacher work to use student evidence to set a goal for improvement and develop a plan to implement specific strategies to meet the goal. During the process, the coach is available to observe classes, collaboratively plan lessons, model strategies, or demonstrate specific practices. Another process the coach utilizes to work with teachers is a videoing cycle in which the teacher videos a lesson and the coach and teacher both watch the video to reflect on the lesson. After taking notes, the coach and teacher work to set a goal and create a plan for improvement.

Daystar's strategy to provide all staff with a professional development allowance and the level and variety of professional development opportunities and experiences are a notable strength. The opportunities are focused on curriculum design and teaching pedagogies in line with the school's Mission, Vision and Core Values. The required additional training for the development of the PYP and MYP programs is also included in the opportunities. 

Outside professional providers are invited to develop particular teaching pedagogies and assessment approaches for teachers. Some teachers are 'instructional coaches' and all teachers have an instructional coach to support them in the development of their teaching skills. 

Non-teaching support staff are similarly provided with professional development to ensure that their skills are developed accordingly. All staff are trained in first aid, and all line managers receive child protection training via the ECIS online program.

In addition to the school PD, each faculty is also entitled to a personal PD allowance from RMB 3,000 to RMB 6,000 per school year. Daystar encourages the faculty to take PD related to their current positions or any other valuable PD course. 


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