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Life in Beijing

Beijing is a dynamic city that has undergone rapid transformation in one generation. 

A modern, international megacity, it boasts one of the world's busiest airports and a population in excess of 20 million people, including over 100,000 expatriates. Sanlitun is popular among expats due to its vibrant collection of bars, restaurants, shopping. 

Although a modern city, Beijing has a proud history spanning three millennia and is replete with World Heritage sites. From the Great Wall of China to The Forbidden City and The Temple of Heaven, the city's importance as an economic and political powerhouse is self-evident. Beijing has one of the world's largest subway networks, and it is reasonably priced, efficient, and is constantly expanding.

Beijing's air quality has improved significantly since beginning the replacement of coal-fired power plants with gas beginning in 2013.  The Beijing government has also helped with the roll-out of 200,000 clean energy vehicles in public transportation. In 2019, Beijing had 240 days with 'excellent' or 'good' air quality and blue skies over the city are common. Daystar monitors the air quality regularly and its air filtration systems ensure that air quality across the school is clean and safe.

Some of China's best international schools are located in Beijing, making it a stimulating place in which to develop as a school leader. Beijing is a dynamic city and an ideal location for the continued development of an excellent bilingual school with deep roots in the local community.


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