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4. Subject Awards


1)    Introduction

Subject Awards are designed to recognize and encourage top performing students in each subject. An award for each subject will be granted to one student per grade, and each award-winning student can only receive one subject award. The awards include:


·       Chinese Subject Awards

·       English Subject Awards

·       Design Subject Awards

·       Humanities (Chinese) Subject Awards

·       Humanities (English) Subject Awards

·       Math Subject Awards

·       Music Subject Awards(only Grade 6-8)

·       PHE Subject Awards

·       Science Subject Awards

·       Visual Arts Subject Awards


2)    Award Criteria

1.     Overall academic performance;

2.     Positive contribution to the subject during classes, enhancing both their own understanding and that of their peers;

3.     Make a positive contribution to the subject and raise the profile of the subject within the school.


3)    Eligibility

Grade 6 to 12 full-time students currently enrolled at Daystar Academy


4)    Auto Selection

Students who qualify for Subject Awards are selected by subject teachers and department heads.


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