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8. Daystar Frontier Scholarship


Daystar Frontier Scholarship


1)    Introduction

The Daystar Frontier Scholarship is awarded to Daystar Academy inaugural grade 12 students (graduating year 2023) as well as exceptionally high performing high school students in grades 9 to 12.

Eligible students will be entitled to up to 100% tuition exemption.


2)    Award Criteria

 Inaugural cohort:

a.     Improve MAP percentile each year or  maintain high percentile to qualify for award renewal

b.     Academically high performing in courses

c.     Must meet all admissions criteria and be accepted by Daystar Academy


Exceptionally high performing G9-G12 students:

a.     Students with proven records of high academic performance

b.     Students who demonstrate initiative in their schoolwork

c.     Students who take a positive lead in their academic and co-curricular activities

d.     Students who demonstrate aptitude for engaging with others and a passion for learning

e.     Students who practice the core values of Daystar Academy and have the capacity to mentor others  


3)    Eligibility

·       Inaugural student cohort who will graduate from Daystar Academy in 2023

·       Exceptionally high performing high school students through Grade 9 to 12


4)    How to Apply

Please click here to apply for Daystar Frontier Scholars


·       Indicate why you would like to study at Daystar Academy and how you would contribute to the academic life of the school

·       Provide the names and email addresses of two teachers who can complete a recommendation form for you (Note: Daystar Academy office will forward the recommendation form directly to the teachers)

·       Submit supporting documentation (i.e., previous school records if a new student, awards, certificates, testimonials, etc.)

·       Complete and submit a 1 to 2-minute video introducing yourself and why you deserve to be a recipient of a scholarship


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