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7. Daystar Courageous Scholarship


Daystar Courageous Scholarship


1)    Introduction

The Daystar Courageous Scholarship provides college tuition for students who are accepted into top universities.  This is in support of a student’s journey to make a difference to the world.

Eligible students will be provided college tuition for four years (up to ¥500,000 or USD dollar equivalent) each year beginning 2023.


2)    Award Criteria

·       Students must be accepted into one of the following universities:

a.     Cambridge

b.     Chicago

c.     Oxford

d.     MIT

e.     Stanford

f.      Any Ivy League University


·       Academic Performance: Maintain 3.0 GPA every year in university

·       Renewal: Continue to engage in meaningful Social Entrepreneurship projects every year in college and share completed project with Scholarship Committee.


3)    Eligibility

·       Full time students in Grade 12


4)    How to Apply

The G12 students who are accepted into above listed universities will need to provide supporting documentation to be granted the Daystar Courageous Scholarship:

a.     Offer Letter from above listed universities

b.     Acceptance of offer

c.     Eligible passport/VISA and or other travel documents


To renew the financing for the 2nd to 4th academic year, the students must provide the supporting documentation:

a.     Submit official transcript (GPA 3.0 and above)

b.     Complete a Social Entrepreneurship project annually while in university and provide a report to Daystar Academy

c.     Eligible passport/VISA and or other travel documents


Tuition will be paid directly to the university on behalf of the student.


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