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6. Dr.Paul S. C.Hsu Social Entrepreneur Prize


Dr. Paul S. C. Hsu Social Entrepreneur Prize


1) Introduction
This prize is awarded to students who have made significant impact in social entrepreneurship. An award of ¥20,000 will be granted to each recipient, up to three recipients for all grades across G6 to G12. The application period is November 1 to February 1. The awards will be granted during the month of March.


2)    Award Criteria

·       Completion of a most meaningful Social Entrepreneurship Project

·       Can be part of High Resolves, Projects for Change, and/or an independent project approved on a case-by-case basis


3)    Eligibility

Grade 6 to 12 students currently enrolled at Daystar Academy


4)    How to Apply

• Indicate why you would like to apply for a Paul S. C. Hsu Social Entrepreneur Prize and how you would contribute to the school

• Include details of any social entrepreneurship projects and challenges that you have already undertaken as well as your aspirations for the future

• Complete and submit a video (1-2 minutes) introducing yourself and why you deserve to be a recipient of a Paul S. C. Hsu Social Entrepreneur Prize


Please click here to apply for the Dr. Paul S. C. Hsu. Social Entrepreneur Prize 


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