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1. Diversity Scholarship

Diversity Scholarship (For New and Returning Students - application required)

1)    Introduction

The Diversity Scholarship aims to increase diversity in our student community. Applicants of this category are expected to do well academically, come from an under-represented country and have a different life experience or perspective that would enrich the Daystar community.

2)    Award Criteria

The student meets all admissions criteria and is accepted by Daystar Academy.

Students demonstrate…

·       outstanding academic achievement

·       exemplary character

·       initiative in their schoolwork

·       aptitude for engaging with others and a passion for learning

·       take a positive lead in their academic and extra-curricular activities

·       practice the core values of Daystar Academy and have the capacity to mentor others 

·      participate in school and community initiatives


Diversity in one or more of the following areas:


a.     English proficiency: Fluent in English, High Score in Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) Report and/or other standardized assessments selected by the school

b.     Nationality: From an under-represented country where the student has lived for a minimum of 2 years

c.     Life Experiences: Having a different life experience that would enrich the Daystar community


3)    Eligibility

·       Students in Grade 1 to 12


·       New and returning students to Daystar Academy 


4)    How to Apply


Please click here to apply for the Diversity Scholarship at Beigao Campus

Please click here to apply for the Diversity Scholarship at Sanlitun Campus


·       Complete the online application form via above link


·       A one-page essay/personal statement by the student expressing why you believe you deserve the scholarship and how you would contribute to the academic life of the school


·       Provide the names and email addresses of two teachers who can complete a recommendation form for you (Note: Admissions will email the recommendation form directly to the teachers)


·       Student’s current and previous academic reports


·       Submit supporting documents (i.e., awards, certificates, testimonials, etc., evidence that indicates you have lived in an under-represented country for at least 2 years)


·       Indicate how your different life experience will enrich the Daystar community


·       Complete and submit a video (1-2 minutes) introducing yourself and why you deserve to be a recipient of a Diversity scholarship (required only for Grade 6 to 12 applicants)