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Language/Learning Support

At Daystar, learning is a journey, and each individual travels at their own pace.  We ensure that those who want to move at a brisk pace have every opportunity to do so, and that those who require help get the support they need.


LEAP Program  (Learning English for Academic Proficiency)

Daystar Academy's LEAP program ensures that English Language Learners (ELLs) have equitable access to the Daystar curriculum and appropriate academic support.  LEAP teachers use a combination of formative and summative assessment data student profiles to target specific areas of growth.  We aim to help every student make at least one full point of growth per academic year using the WIDA Model.  

Our specific goal is that students make one full point of growth per academic year using the WIDA MODEL. In support of this goal, students receive specific language support in the regular classroom, as well as in regular targeted pullout mini-lessons. The result of participation in the LEAP program is that students develop the necessary academic English skills to perform and thrive in all subject areas

YuYue Program

The Yuyue program allows students to successfully learn Chinese no matter where their journey begins. Yuyue supports our foreign passport holders in grades 2-5 in their study of Chinese language arts. 

Students enrolled in the Yuyue program are placed in the class that best matches their language development needs based on continuing assessments of their Chinese language proficiency. Daystar's Yuyue program focuses on academic literacy through the balanced development of students' listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. 

The YuYue program uses Singapore Language Arts texts and Huanying, U.S. Chinese language arts curriculum resources, instead of the Renjiaoban used in Chinese Language Arts classes. YuYue teachers collaborate with homeroom teachers and provide additional support in academic areas beyond language arts. 

Learning Support

Daystar's curriculum reflects our belief that all students should engage in challenging, developmentally-appropriate learning. That's why we offer a continuum of learning support services, including a dedicated Educational Support Services team to develop individualized learning plans for students who need them. The Support Services team consists of learning specialists, counselors, and program administrators who serve as case managers for these students and facilitate program implementation on a daily basis.

Daystar uses a multi-tiered support model to remove barriers to student learning. The first tier is in-class differentiation that paces material appropriately for each student. Tiers two and three provide accommodations tailored to meet specific students' identified learning needs.  Tier four includes modifications of curricular objectives and more frequent pull-out support as detailed in a students' individualized education plan. 

Our learning support specialists and counselor ensure that students who have learning or behavioral difficulties can fully access the curriculum and develop grade-level knowledge, skills, and conceptual understanding.

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