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Uniforms and Busing

School Uniforms

Daystar Academy students look sharp and reinforce school togetherness by wearing a Daystar uniform to school each day.  This is one way they demonstrate respect for their learning, their teachers, and each other.   New uniforms can be ordered through the Daystar Parents Service Account.


School Bus

Daystar Academy employs two outside contractors to provide students with safe and convenient transportation to and from school. Daystar Academy is a non-profit organization, and while parents who use the service pay Bus Fees, bus service is largely subsidized by the school so students have equitable access to transportation.

Bus routes are adjusted each summer to best accommodate students, and bus stops are planned to provide for as many students as possible within a reasonable distance. While our routing makes every attempt to provide a convenient service to the majority of parents, it is impossible to guarantee door-to-door transport.

Please click here for the Quanfa campus school bus schedule.


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