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Health & Safety


The health and safety of Daystar students is our primary duty and responsibility.  Each classroom is equipped with a computerized Airburg filter that provides clean, oxygen-rich air. For added safety, we place an additional mobile air purifier in each classroom. We continuously monitor air quality in the classroom.

At the Early Childhood Education, we observe the following guidelines:

●      Air Quality Index (AQI) is below 160 and PM2.5 is below 74, all children can play outside

●      AQI levels between 160-200 and PM2.5 between  75-90, three-year-olds have indoor recess, while older children enjoy 30 minutes outside with appropriate protection

●      Above AQI 200 and PM2.5 over 90, all children play indoors

Furthermore, every classroom is disinfected at the end of each school day, and every student has their temperature checked regularly for early detection and prevention of illness.


Daystar Academy employs security guards 24/7, and parents and guardians are asked to wear a name badge at all times on campus. Visitors are required to sign in, state their business, and be escorted by a Daystar employee on campus.

For pick-ups, students must be signed out by a parent or authorized guardian before leaving school premises. 


Students riding a school bus are required to wear a seat belt, and parents/guardians can track the location of their child's bus through a real-time app.  Each bus is equipped with air purifiers, and is staffed by a qualified bus monitors to ensure orderly conduct and safety.  


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