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Character Development

Character education is essential to children's growth as engaged and responsible members of society.  That is why Daystar is built around a values-based curriculum that nurtures integrity and purpose in children. 

In the Early Childhood Education, character development is woven into daily routines. We teach children to take care of themselves, others, and the environment.  They take turns serving each other by making lunches, laying out tablecloths, setting the table, distributing lunches for classmates, and cleaning up after themselves.

This approach is integrated with Daystar education programs practices, and teaches children responsibility and traditional Chinese virtues in an orderly, well-managed class environment. 

Giving back

Giving back is part of Daystar Academy's DNA. Our youngest students are three years old, and even at that age, they are encouraged to find ways to help others.

Children visit nearby communities and take part in special events to serve our neighbors. This includes our annual charity run 'Week for Change,' the 'Shoe Box Drive' during the Christmas season, and regularly visits to a learning center for disabled children and orphans. These moving experiences expand children's awareness of difference, and helps them become more thoughtful of others.

Participating in 'all for one, one for all' events teaches kids to love and help one another, and to shoulder responsibility for creating a harmonious world.


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