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The Clumination, A New Beginning

At the end of this academic year in June, Daystar witnessed the culmination of success. We are delighted to see how the students have grown. They will progress to higher grades with the new knowledge and skills that they have acquired.

Although we have already spent a long time preparing a celebration for the students, we were forced to call off the ceremony due to COVID-19. The experience of the past two years has taught us that rather than waiting for our circumstances to change, we should be proactive and adjust.

The temporary farewell makes the future reunion more exciting! So, let’s say goodbye to the 2021-2022 academic year.

Here, we would like to share an excerpt from a letter recently written by Executive Chairman Jack Hsu to Daystar parents. In the letter, he expresses the school’s thoughts for our students, reflects on the educational philosophy of Daystar, and introduces faculty additions and resources for the next academic year. We hope to extend our sincere love to all of you through this letter.

We will show you the touching moments of the culmination ceremony. Let us give Daystar students warm applause!

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Projects for Change

At the end of each academic year, there will be a celebration of the PFC projects through an exhibition where students introduce their projects, defend their work during the Q&A, and share their achievements and passion for the project with everyone.

This academic year is coming to an end, and the Grade 6-9 students have completed 50 PFC projects. In late May, 16 teams presented their projects online (due to COVID-19). Students explained the goals, processes, and results of their projects in online meeting rooms focused on different topics and answered questions from teachers and parents.

The student  projects focused on four fields: Sustainable Economy, Inclusive Society, Nature, and Well-being. They covered rich content with broad perspectives and used a number of different mediums: videos, printed matter, websites, or by taking specific actions.

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Daystar College Counselor shares new trends in international college admissions

With the end of this year’s application season, are there any new trends in international university admissions?

What will be the impact of the 2022 AP Exam adjustment in China?

What should students in grades 1-8 and 9-10 pay special attention to?

Listen to our Star Parents Academy’s keynote lecture by Ms. Melissa Warehall, Daystar’s Head of College Counseling and former Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Chicago.

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Pitching for Change

Recently, five Daystar student groups participated in “Pitching for Change,” and presented their social ventures and business models to the judging panel (business and social impact professionals), parents, and classmates. The pitches were followed by group Q&A as the judges evaluated each pitch to determine which groups might win funding from the Qi Ignite Fund to help support the implementation of their social ventures.

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