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Good news! Daystar Academy receives full IBDP authorization!

Good news! Daystar's high school just received full authorization for the IB Diploma Programme (DP).  The DP is the final stage of the IB program and is offered to our Grade 11 and 12 students. This means that Daystar is fully authorized by the IBO to offer its programmes from grade 1 to grade 12. 

What does Daystar’s IBDP authorization mean for the school and its community? What is the relationship between Daystar’s Social Innovation Program and the IBDP framework? How experienced is our high school teaching faculty? We interviewed Jessica Heyman, Daystar’s Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation (TLI), to pursue answers to these important questions:

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Big Things Happened at Daystar 2021

As we ring in 2022, we are full of confidence for what is to come!

Over the past year, Daystar has witnessed so many remarkable moments—

a series of unique programs and activities have been successfully held, 

and Daystar students have made numerous academic and extracurricular achievements.

Our purpose in reviewing the achievements of 2021 is not to indulge ourselves in the past,

but to remind ourselves to be brave and press forward in the coming year to make even greater achievements:

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Nick's Growth Story: Striving to Solve Life's Rubik's Cube

People who have met Nick before are always impressed by his positiveness and concentration,although he is just a Grade 11 student.

As a member of the Students’ Union, founder of Rubik’s Cube Club, student ambassador, an active member of social innovation programs such as Phoenix Forum, an outstanding football goalkeeper, an excellent debater of debate competitions, and a volunteer of school baseball team...

Nick has taken so many roles, which normally require both personal qualities and outside support.

Indeed, Nick is a warmhearted, passionate, and hard-working teenager. But instead of being born out of a well-off family, he has to take care of his own life.

In the eyes of Nick’s teachers, classmates, and even classmates' parents, he is a perfect example of living Daystar’s core values to the most. And everyone speaks highly of his exemplary behaviors.

What growth experience does Nick have? What has supported him to become whom he is right now? Watch the video below to find out the answers:

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Staff Appreciation Luncheons in 2021

Daystar’s Staff Appreciation Luncheon was originally designed to guide students to express appreciation and gratitude for the care and education they receive from their teachers every day. Through this event, we also instilled Daystar’s core values—respect and care—in our students.

The Staff Appreciation Luncheon was Daystar’s very first teacher appreciation event, and it immediately became an annual tradition. Now, every year, Daystar parents and children prepare a fine luncheon or afternoon tea party on the campus for their dear teachers.

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