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How to Support Students Achieve Academic Excellence?

There is one parenting detail that is often neglected or overlooked due to parents having busy schedules – and that is, helping children develop good habits and lifestyles.

In days of studying at home, students' old learning space and methods are completely abandoned, and they face more challenges in developing and sticking to sound learning habits.

Teaching kids what to do and when to do it can not only help them grow, but also help them prepare for what they will encounter in the future and deal with pressure from uncertainties.

During a recent event at Daystar Parents Academy, Daystar’s Secondary School Principal Daniel Williams conducted a workshop on how to support students to achieve academic excellence. Mr. Williams spent a lot of time explaining how to help students develop sound habits and routines. Here are some key details.


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A “Green” Fire is Ignited in the Hearts of Students

We hope that the celebrations on Earth Day will kindle a “green” fire in the hearts of students. April 22 was Earth Day. This year’s theme was “Invest in Our Planet.” The Daystar elementary and secondary schools designed a series of activities encourage students to live responsibly and care about both their own immediate surroundings and the world as a whole. What's more, all the activities are connected to design, science, language acquisition and etc.

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