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When we are children, the future is limitless possibility, stretching toward an infinite horizon.  We can imagine ourselves as astronauts, diplomats, gamers, athletes and artists.  As we grow older though, we are confronted with practical realities.  Perhaps our dream job doesn't pay well, or lacks prestige.  Perhaps our friends or parents tell us that our dreams are too difficult, or impractical.  We can begin to feel destined to walk a path that is not of our choosing.

At Daystar Academy, our idea is simple.  Students who are free to choose their path grown into adults who flourish and contribute.  

It takes courage to pursue a unique path, it takes knowledge and skills to achieve grand goals, and it takes character to do the right things for the right reasons.  We know the world isn't perfect, and so we equip every Daystar graduate with the courage to pursue their own path, change the world for the better, and inspire others to do the same.  

Daystar Academy:  Courage to Change and Inspire.



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