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Global Ties

Based in Beijing, Ivy Education Group and Daystar Academy have professional ties, alliances, and friendships around the world. 

Design for Change (India)

Ivy Education Group and Daystar Academy have a long-standing relationship with the Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India.  Founded by noted educator Kiran Sethi, the school champions Design for Change, the largest global movement of children driving change in their communities by unleashing their “I CAN” superpower. 

Design for Change helps children understand the world around them, embrace their ability to shape it, and empowers them to take action toward a more equitable and sustainable future.

Design for Change, Ivy Education Group, and Daystar Academy share this belief that children can be change-makers in their communities. Since 2015, there have been annual exchanges between the Riverside School and Ivy Education Group/Daystar Academy, with the goal of nurturing educators and helping them unleash the “I CAN” superpower in every student.

Stanford University Pre-Collegiate Summer Program (USA)

Daystar Academy's Secondary program has launched a special collaboration with the Pre-Collegiate Summer Program at Stanford University. 

Thanks to the exceptional caliber of our students, Daystar Academy is the only school in Mainland China authorized to independently review and select participants for this coveted program–with guaranteed placement.

Ivy League Musical Groups (USA)

The first American Ivy League a cappella group to visit Daystar Academy was the Dartmouth Aires from Dartmouth College in March 2015.  That visit was part of A Night to Remember, Daystar's first charity concert, and raised over 140,000 RMB to support the arts and music programs of six migrant schools outside Beijing. 

Since then, Daystar Academy has hosted musical groups from other Ivy league and notable institutions including:

May 2015:      Cal Band from UC Berkeley

March 2016:  Yale Spizzwinks, Yale University (all male a cappella)

June 2017:     The Harvard Krokodiloes, Harvard University (Harvard's oldest a cappella group)

Nov. 2017:     Handbell Choir from University of Notre Dame

May 2018:      Low Strung, Yale University (all cello ensemble)

May 2018:      RedHot & Blue, Yale University (co-ed a cappella group)

June 2018:      The Harvard Krokodiloes, Harvard University

June 2019:      The Radcliffe Pitches, Harvard University (all female a cappella group)

June 2019:      The Harvard Krokodiloes, Harvard University

These global ties enhance and enrich our students' learning and prepare them for an interconnected world. 

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