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Star Parents

Our school is like a tripod, comprising of students, teachers, and parents. Each leg is just as important as the other, and the three "legs" together, create perfect balance. 

That truly captures our community. Every person has equal importance, involvement, passion and commitment. 

Our parents are enthusiastic, passionate, and always trying to do what they can to support the school and students’ learning. Through class level parents and an active leadership, Daystar's parent organization StarParents serve as a wonderful bridge between the administration and Daystar families. They also hold regular “Learn and Share Series” for the community, serving as a wonderful resource for parents to tap into. Every year, StarParents also hosts an appreciation event for teachers, enthusiastically volunteer at our school events, as well as organizes book/shoebox drives. Every parent is a Star Parent, and our school would not be the same without their warm participation!

This warmth is palpable as soon as you walk into Daystar Academy and will stay with you long after you leave. 



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"Iris has been with Daystar Academy since Grade 1. From her perspective, first of all, this is a school that she likes, a school that she doesn't want to leave. The workload of homework is just right, and she's left with enough time to enjoy herself and do whatever she likes. Furthermore, she very much enjoys the ASA program and has the opportunity to form her own opinion about things. To quote her in her own words“Everybody is so kind and friendly and they treat each other with respect. And there's no bullying.” With love and care from both the school and family, it is amazing to witness that she has grown up to be a healthy, informed, well-balanced young girl in this fast-paced society.”

- Grade 5 Iris Zhu's Mom